Dormitory Internet Application System for NTHU Students

Whether have used student dormitory network before, all students need to re-apply
if want to use DormNet in summer vacation.

Please read carefully and abide by all regulations in the following pages

一、Student Dormitory Network (called DormNet below for short) is a part 
    of campus network; the main purpose is to provide students who live 
    in the dormitory to do academic research activities.

二、Application description
(一)Condition for Application: All NTHU students who live in the dormitory 
      could apply for using DormNet.
(二)Application time:
      1.Submit application before the opening of each school year; start
        to use DormNet according to newly distributed IP address when the 
        school year begins.
      2.Separated application is required during summer vacation; the 
        application method will be announced before the end of each school year.

(三)Application method: apply or modify through “Student Dormitory 
      Network Application System”.
(四)Cancellation is required when the user leave NTHU or do not need 
      the DormNet service.。

三、The DormNet service will provide each user a network port (Ethernet 
    RJ-45 interface).

(一)Network Configuration Charge: NT200 per person for each semester, 
      the charge won’t be refund if the user stop the service halfway or 
      be suspended by the network administration.
(二)Summer/winter vacation: free of charge. (Summer/winter vacations 
      are regular time for system tuning and maintenance.)

五、Malfunction repair
(一)For each dormitory, there is one network manager. The network manager 
      is responsible of dealing with users’ problems about DormNet. The user 
      who needs help has to make an appointment with the network manager.
(二)DormNet malfunction repair time:
    1.Network equipment (switch, router, optical fiber…etc.) breakdown: 
      At office hours (a.k.a. Mon. ~ Fri. 8am~12pm & 1pm~5pm).
    2.Client side breakdown: After problem reporting, the maintenance person 
      of cc center would go to the user’s dormitory room at the appointed 
      time for repair.
    3.Available repair time for the maintenance person: 
      Mon., Wed., Fri., weekly. 2pm~5pm. If that day is holiday, the repair 
      time would be advanced or postponed by one day.
六、Dormitory network users should abide by the following rules: any action against 
    the rules will lead to service suspension. Computer and communication 
    center preserves the right of reporting wrongful behaviors to 
    student’s affair office or other related office.
(一)NTHU Network Usage Policy(must read)。
(二)NTHU Unauthorized Network Information Policy(must read)。
(三)NTHU Student Dormitory Network Management Policy.
(四)The user should manage his/her personal computer well, virus protection 
      is needed.
(五)The user shouldn’t infringe on others’ rights of using network service.
(六)Do not transfer data that infringe upon intellectual property rights 
      through DormNet For example:
      protected audio/video files and computer software…etc.
      Without permissions suspend for 30 days.。
(七)Providing network service for others by serial-connecting network 
      equipments without permission is not allowed.